I am Ramiz Qureshi, an astronomy enthusiast from Pakistan 🙂 I am a full time student of Computer Sciences, and my hobbies include sports, movies, music and photography. Follow my blog and follow me on Twitter to know me better!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep looking up. You will see NanoSail-D one day and many other exciting things in the sky.


    • Thank you so much Mr. Alhorn (chief investigator on NanoSail-D project) for dropping by on my blog 🙂 The sky is full of exciting things.

  2. Kiran Bashir Ahmad

    The sky is full of beautiful things! Do you have a photo of the rings of Saturn you have mentioned seeing earlier?

    • Thank you for dropping by on the blog! The sky is indeed full of overflowing beauty. Everything is made unique in the heavens I believe.

      There are two pictures of Saturn in the blog post, but my telescope and camera are quite cheap, hence the low quality. The highest quality pictures come from Hubble Space Telescope, which is a project costing billions of dollars. Here is Saturn taken via Hubble Saturn Via Hubble

      Amateur telescopes costing a hundred $ to a few hundred $ cannot match the clarity of Hubble. And it depends on camera quality.
      But here is my best attempt via a very small telescope and cheap camera. It does not reflect the eye view, which was much more beautiful 🙂 Saturn

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