Global Warming. It’s just gettin’ started…

Since Karachi is experiencing the hottest day of this year so far and the country is undergoing one of the worst heatwaves in history, I thought it was appropriate to educate everyone on a little thing known as…Climate Change!


This is just the start of our troubles. This concerns everyone, but especially people in Asia-Middle East-Africa need to WAKE UP because it affects them the worst.

Okay- so Karachi is expr. the hottest day of this year so far at 46 celcius. No electricity in many areas in Karachi and most cities of Pakistan are facing an electricity shortfall upto thousands of MW. Our power plants are also failing due to the heat and there seems to be no end to the torture in sight. Some other areas e.g Larkana are a scorching hot 52 celcius (124 F).

Even Islamabad that usually is considered a “cooler”city, rarely experiences a 40+ temperature. But that’s exactly what it is experiencing.



Commonfolk dependent on travelling by foot for their business, farmers dependent on rain for crops, and pretty much anyone doing field work in this temperature is to say the least facing an impossible task. But it is going to get much MUCH worse.

Know why? Two words: Global Warming.


I have decided to compile some facts and figures highlighting why this is so.

Lets talk some facts and figures:


– CO2 is a greenhouse gas, along with Methane and water vapor. Which means the amount of these gases in the atmosphere are directly related to the amount of heat trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. and folks…the world has just passed 400 ppm (parts per million) CO2 emissions in atmosphere. This is the record HIGHEST for Earth in 25 million years in the past (Natural is around 250 PPM). The current amount is highly unnatural.


The biggest contributors are US, EU, Russia, China…




– Overall the January-May period that just passed us, in history for majority of areas of the world were the hottest 5 months in recorded history. Particularly April was, in the whole world the hottest month of April on record since 1880.




– The measures being taken by the HIGHEST emitters of Carbon, that is America, Russia, UK, China etc – are not even putting a dent towards globally contribution of CO2 emission cuts. They need to act, and act FAST. According to studies (see image below) the worst affected countries aren’t the US, UK, Russia but are countries lying close to Equator, such as Pakistan, India, Middle East, Indonesia etc. We need to have our researchers’ voices heard there, the message conveyed to them “You need to act. Morally, for the good of billions. For the good of our world”.


The chart shows the populations most affected by Global Warming in coming years:




– The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is now facing an irreversible meltdown due to this heat. and in about a century from now due to rising sea levels, many coastal citiies of the world will be underwater. This includes Karachi too. This is a gradual change though, and one can not notice it that easily in a lifetime. But by 2050-80 we can start to see the effects of sinking coastal cities. This will again affect all major coastal cities forever,

– The billions of people of Pakistan-India-China that are dependent on Himalyas for their water supply will face a shortage of water in rivers… when there will not be any SNOW to melt in the years to come (when our children will be living and breathing). No rivers mean no crops to farm, droughts lasting years and our food supply chain gone… FOREVER.

– Climate change gives rise to extreme weather events, like powerful storms, unprecended wind speed tornadoes causing wide scale damage.Heard about the continous tornadoes, storms in Europe, America, etc? That is just the beginning. The storm that each year seems to ‘just’ miss Karachi, well let’s just say Karachi’s luck might be running out soon. Be prepared for a powerful megastorm later this year, or next year.


– Further, coming years will see more freak events happening. and 40deg C + days will be the norm in SE Asia, Middle East


Unless we do something – make our voices heard to the powers that be!



climate change 1IMPACT




April 2014 Ties for Hottest on Record



One thought on “Global Warming. It’s just gettin’ started…

  1. Totally agree! We can’t turn our eyes away from what’s inevitable! every personal contribution in reducing greenhouse effect and pollution counts!

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