Astronomy Podcast Ep 1

Here it is, an astronomy podcast from Pakistan! A lot of it is general as I have no experience with speaking on astronomy publicly.

Topics talked about: General introduction, Karachi Astronomers Society, Progress of Pakistan in Space Tech, Space Shuttle Program, Dark Skies of Pakistan.

I hope to make this a regular feature from now on.

I welcome any feedback. Anything you may have to say, good or bad. Thank you.

Click the big red button 🙂

The dark-sky trips I referred to in my podcast:

— Pictures from the dark-sky trip to Kanrach

— Pictures from the dark-sky trip to Goth Haji Ismail, Lakhan



2 thoughts on “Astronomy Podcast Ep 1

  1. Impressive podcast for an astronomy novice like myself. I learnt things that I did not know. A little suggestion would suffice though. The volume was very low. I had to hold my laptop’s speaker up to my ear. =P Maybe you could fix that next time.

    The part about dark skies was particularly fascinating for me. We don’t really get to see stars in the sky here in Karachi but there was a time when the sky used to light up with a million stars during electricity outages at night. I’ve also been to some remote areas in the Middle East where I’ve been lucky enough to see skies that were darker than those in the city.

    Unfortunately, the podcast got stuck at 8:29 (and it was my second go at listening to it) so I might listen to that remaining, last one minute later. (:

    • I miss the old Karachi sky, even though I remember it only vaguely– but well enough that it used to lit up at night with stars! Sometimes I ask my mother to have a look via the telescope when it is fixated on the famous star cluster called Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) and she recognizes it immediately as ‘Saat Behnon ka Jhumka’!

      But when I ask her to point it in the sky, she can’t… because it’s simply not visible any more, unfortunately 😦

      I didn’t realize until upload that the sound was low… Hopefully will be fixed on Podcast 2!

      Thanks for listening =D

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